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Ruth Stanat   Ruth Stanat
President & Chief Executive Officer. COO of SIS Europe
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Senior Travel & Hospital Advisor
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Senior Technology Specialist
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Senior Telecom & Wireless Advisor
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Director of Business Development, EMEA
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Business Strategy & Business Development Specialist, South East Asia
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Latin America Field Operations
Michael Stanat   Michael Stanat
Global Research Executive, Asia Pacific
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US Medical Fieldwork Operations
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Director of Business Development - Germany, Africa, Middle East
asia-pacific   Managing Director, Asia Pacific
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Ruth Stanat

President & Chief Executive Officer


Ruth Stanat  

Ms Ruth Stanat is the President and CEO of SIS International Research, an industry expert and a three-time author.  Ms. Stanat was featured in the “Guru Guide to the Knowledge Economy” as a thought leader alongside Peter Drucker and Bill Gates.

Ms. Stanat was formerly a Vice President of Strategic Planning for the Chase Manhattan Bank, a Senior Planning Officer of the Mars Corporation. She held senior marketing and strategic planning positions with International Paper Company, Spring Mills Inc. and United Airlines. Stanat founded SIS International in 1984 as a research consultancy specializing on-the-ground research, strategic planning, market expansion strategy and competitive intelligence. During 1990-1993, Ms. Stanat personally traveled and expanded the SIS International organization, which spans Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Ms Stanat is the founder of the concept and implementation of "corporate intelligence networks." In her first book, “The Intelligent Corporation,” published in 1990 by the AMACOM division of the American Management Association, Ms. Stanat provided a methodology for the implementation of corporate intelligence networks. Ms Stanat was also author of “Global Gold - Panning for Profits in Foreign Markets,” published by AMACOM in 1998. This book was a guide on how to succeed in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Her third book, “Global Jumpstart - The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Mid-Sized Businesses,” was published in January 1999, by Perseus Books. This book instructed small businesses ($1 million - $100 million) on how to expand their business globally.

Ms. Stanat has made several media appearances on CNBC, CNN Financial News, CNN Airport Channel, NBC Biznet, Nations First Business, WCIU-TV, Business News Makers and WTLK-TV Daybreak. On radio, she has given interviews on the topic of global business expansion on Bloomberg Business Journal and Tracking Business Leaders. Ms. Stanat was featured in TIME magazine, Industry Week, Sales & Marketing Management and Working Woman Magazine.

Ms Stanat is one of the few non-Britons to be inducted as a “Freemen” of the City of London and as a member to the UK’s Worshipful Company Livery of Marketors. She is a member of the Bretton Woods committee and the National Press Club in Washington. Ms. Stanat is a founding Charter Member of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals and a recipient of the SCIP Fellows Award. Ms Stanat was appointed by the US Secretary of Defense to serve a three-year term on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) committee for the Pentagon.

Ms. Stanat has traveled extensively and lived and worked in the Middle East and Europe. She is conversant in French and German. Ms. Stanat holds a BS degree from Ohio University, graduating Cum Laude, and was a member of Phi Gamma Mu honorary society. She holds two master degrees including a MA degree in Psychology and Statistics from New York University, Phi Beta Kappa; and an MBA degree in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business, Beta Gamma Sigma honor society (Phi Beta Kappa equivalent).


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