SIS maximizes clients’ decision making with analytics and statistics

Advanced Analytics

SIS International’s analytics allow clients to enhance their decision making by maximizing return and minimizing risk. As a full-service market research and intelligence agency, our specialists immerse themselves in our clients’ needs and devise a solution delivering complete market insights. We deliver advanced strategic analysis and reporting, with the option of post-project services to maximize the value of our client’s research.

Our Analytics include:

  • Price optimization
  • New product introduction
  • Market mix modeling
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Churn reduction
  • Operations Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Web Analytics

Advanced Statistics

As part of SIS Integrated Research and our core competency in delivering “full” market insights, SIS incorporates robust quantitative statistical components with other forms of information gathering to achieve our client’s research needs. These advanced statistical tools are designed to elicit specific insights provide two major benefits. First, they can elicit unsaid insights about hidden attitudes and behavior. Second, these tools allow our researchers to make statistical projections for strategic decision making.

In understanding the weight that customers attribute to various product attributes, we use several choice models. These tools can include Discrete Choice, CBC Conjoint, Gap Analysis, Factor Analysis, Importance Scoring, and Cluster Analysis. These tools can have an impact on product promotion, brand positioning and some approaches for market segmentation

Our quantitative statistical analyses:

  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Importance Ratings
  • Descriptive Ratings
  • Brand Performance ratings
  • Derived Importance vs. Stated Importance
  • Competitor Performance ratings
  • Mean Drop Penalty Analysis
  • Implicit Association Test (IAT)
  • Maximum Difference Analysis

One statistical test is the Monte Carlo simulation. This advanced simulation allows our researchers to estimate market size, market potential, sales forecasting and lucrative price points.

Another technique is “Derived Importance.” The idea behind this technique is to reflect a consumer’s actual purchasing behavior, instead of just a consumer’s statements of important criteria for a product that do not reflect his true purchasing behavior. Thus, SIS can quantitatively analyze consumer attitudes, consumer behavior, or both. Attitude, as measured by stated importance, is a direct reflection of purchase motivation, or what the consumer believes leads him to buy. Behavior, as measured by derived importance, is an indirect measure of purchase motivation, but is actually what leads the consumer to buy. The required data encompasses attribute ratings on a wide range of brands within the consideration set. The dependent variable can be purchase intent, brand preference or purchasing behavior on the same brands.

Buyer Segments are a quick add-in when conducting consumer testing for products such as Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, and Electronics & Computers. Data can be demonstrated in multidimensional visuals like Perceptual Maps, Correspondence maps, Multidimensional Scaling, BiPlots, Multidimensional Preference Maps and many other ways that effectively convey insights.

Web Analytics

SIS provides decision makers with comprehensive insights on their web stakeholders.

Organizations often consider the Internet as a wild frontier where stakeholders have the power to rapidly influence the opinions and behaviors of other web surfers. The stakeholders’ effects on companies are often substantial:

  • Rises or falls in market share
  • Lack of effectiveness in promotional campaigns
  • Declines in satisfaction and performance indicators
  • Strengthening or weakening of campaigns

With the Internet rapidly evolving into a dominant form of communication, decision makers need to know how stakeholders are interacting with their brands. SIS Web Analytics is our web ethnography service that conducts comprehensive online studies of attitudes and behaviors for our clients’ decision making.

The Power of Web Analytics

Understanding Stakeholders Brand Equity Competitive Intelligence

By understanding stakeholder influences, organizations can better meet their longterm needs

Brand Equity

Companies can immediately determine the points of satisfaction & dissatisfaction towards their products or programs

Competitive Intelligence

Organizations can gauge their competitors’ advantages and disadvantages

Anti-Corporate Marketing

Businesses can identify entities that undermine their efforts

Discovering threats & opportunities

Companies can identify threats and opportunities in the marketplace


Political campaigns can track threats and opportunities

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