Retaining profitable customers for profit

Keeping profitable customers loyal can provide massive benefits for companies.

  • Higher customer loyalty
  • More customer satisfaction
  • Repeat purchasing
  • Less customer churn
  • More profitable customer relationships
  • Higher lifetime customer value
  • Higher brand equity
  • More resilience to competitive maneuvers

Yet, keeping customers loyal in a highly competitive market is challenging. Companies must understand value, create value, communicate value and grow value. The companies that profit most provide exactly what customers value.

Leveraging several levels of intelligence and our global resources for complete market insights, SIS helps companies understand what benefits & costs to offer to customers and what actions to implement for more loyal customers.

Uncovering What Customers Value: Voice of the Customer

At the basic level, customers buy items that solve end-goals, outcomes and needs. Customers evaluate whether benefits offset perceived costs and risks. SIS goes ‘beneath the surface’ to uncover said and unsaid customer needs.

Our Voice of the Customer research focuses foremost on the outcomes that customers desire from our clients’ product offerings. These outcomes are often understated, and our expert researchers probe beneath the surface to find hidden motivations and expectations in the customers’ mind. This market research approach further delves into the behaviors that customers perform to achieve these outcomes. From a management perspective, this research helps clients understand how and whether customers perceive value in their offerings.

SIS Customer Value Analysis

Our Customer Value Analysis analyzes the customer’s choice among competing offers. Because we live in a rapidly changing world with rapid shifts in global, regional, and local markets, we uniquely practice an integrated “full view” approach to customer satisfaction research and tracking. Only SIS has the expertise, global resources and integrated research to provide complete market insights about customers and the market place. From a management perspective, Customer Value Analysis allows companies to:

  • Provide and quantify value
  • Provide in-depth market positioning analysis
  • Identify threats
  • Compete against competitors
  • Identify competitors’ strengths & weaknesses
  • Leverage strengths
  • Direct corporate planning

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