• Conducted a three phase bar and street intercept study in Manhattan among drinkers in trendy bars for an Asian liquor considering US market entry.
  • Conducted a global online survey on attitudes and behavior towards wine
  • Conducted focus groups for a new beer can in US for a European beer manufacturer.
  • Quantitative study among Hispanics living in L.A, Chicago and Houston in order to test 4 different alternatives of packages for a new product concept for beer in US.
  • Conducted beer taste testing in NYC among high income beer drinkers.
  • Conducted mall intercepts among several beer drinker segments for a US brewing company in the Houston Area
  • Conducted focus groups for vodka in US.
  • Conducted home visits to gain insight in the beer drinking habits, attitudes towards home beer drinking and draft beer.
  • Developed, wrote, and optimized consumer insights and qualitatively checked feasibility and fitted to consumers.
  • Developed, wrote, and optimized concepts belonging to the most promising consumer insights.
  • Conducted a beer test in the US for a new product concept for light beer.
  • Quantitative survey for a manufacturer of spirits in the USA and Europe.
  • Conducted focus groups in several Asian countries for cognac drinkers.
  • Conducted a taste test of alcoholic beverages in Puerto Rico.
  • Conducted multi-phase intercept study at upscale bars in NYC to guide an Asian beer producer’s market entry.
  • Taste testing of Japanese Shochu in the United States.
  • Conducted mall intercepts among “blue collar” consumers of beer.
  • Conducted  alcoholic beverage testing study in San Francisco
  • Conducted a research study regarding Japanese Sake labels
  • Conducted alcoholic beverage study in Poland, France and China

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