Conducted a comprehensive market assessment of the market size, retail and wholesale volume, segmentation, pricing, imports and exports, and legal issues  for the following apparel segments in US:

–Infant wear

–Boys clothing


–Women’s wear

–Women’s suits


  • Conducted focus groups for upscale women for their attitude on select designer apparel.
  • Conducted focus groups in Asia for teens attitudes toward Western clothing.
  • Conducted focus groups in Europe, Asia, and the US on handbags and accessories.
  • Mall Intercepts in the US on consumers attitudes toward retail clothing of store brand names.
  • Conducted focus groups for brand name items.
  • Conducted a protective/chemical apparel study in US.
  • Conducted several studies in US which analyzed the marketing strategies of chain stores.
  • Conducted a fashion study in New York for an Italian clothing manufacturer and designer.
  • Conducted a woven fabric market study in US for an Asian firm.
  • Conducted a study on “grey” goods imported into US.
  • Conducted a study in Japan for sneakers.
  • Conducted textile market intelligence study in USA and Europe.
  • Conducted focus groups to obtain behavioral, attitudinal, and shopping preference information.
  • Conducted market intelligence study of the US textile market for an Asian textile manufacturer.

Sampling of our Current and Past Clients

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