Selected Experience in Children’s Research

  • Conducted focus groups in Asia for teens attitudes toward Western clothing
  • Conducted recruitment and usability testing for a new infusion set to be used with an insulin pump for diabetic children and adults.
  • Conducted low-incidence recruitment on target segment of parents and students for technology in educational testing across the US.
  • Conducted recruitment and designed screener for IDIs of moms with infants.
  • Conducted a girls’ toy test in France and Germany with focus groups
  • Conducted a global doll house study with focus groups, study covered Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • Conducted focus groups in the US for a new product concept for a toy
  • Conducted low-incidence recruitment on parents, students, and teachers for classroom technology study in NYC
  • Conducted focus groups with Asian and Hispanic children in the US regarding their attitude toward dolls
  • Conducted a competitive intelligence study for a major toy manufacturer on new product development strategies
  • Conducted several focus groups on “brainstorming” for a new product development strategy for a toy manufacturer
  • Conducted a competitive intelligence study for retailers in the toy business
  • Conducted a market assessment of the video gaming industry for children
  • Conducted a study in Birmingham, UK for the feasibility of a fast food location
  • Conducted international study for a big baby product designer
  • Conducted competitive intelligence study to identify suppliers of ingredients for baby formulas
  • Conducted an online and field study for children with RSI
  • Conducted a research regarding children diagnosed with ADHD

A Selection of Our Current and Past Clients

  • Coleco
  • Fisher Price
  • Gadlight
  • Netvision
  • Toys R Us