• Conducted an in-depth research engagement into how US consumers interact in the kitchen, involving in-home ethnography and product testing of various appliances
  • Conducted consumer focus groups to analyze what factors determine the appeal to customers of demo contents displayed in a store.
  • Conducted study to understand how people used a particular computer program and how the purchase decision was influenced and made within businesses of different sizes.
  • Conducted research study on users of the Mac operating system.
  • Conducted a study in order to understand the lifestyle and TV related environment of Premium seeker in the US.
  • Conducted focus groups for US consumers to test new consumer products in the digital camera market.
  • US survey of consumers to determine their attitudes about using premium gasoline.
  • Conducted global quantitative study of consumer credit card usage in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Evaluation of reading trends for publications in Latin America, determining who read selected magazines and their attitudes and level of usage.
  • Conducted research study to understand market response to the existing Blu-ray player and to examine consumer needs and attitude towards the player.
  • Conducted focus groups on MP3 usage.
  • Conducted interviews in Israel and South Africa with TV purchase decision-makers who had recently purchased an LCD TV
  • Conducted CATI interviews with ordinary consumers who have shopped at a combination of different supermarkets in the greater London area to evaluate their shopping experience and needs.
  • Conducted a study of US consumer attitudes toward physical fitness.
  • Conducted focus groups in San Francisco with consumers regarding their acceptance of a new general nutrition product.
  • Market intelligence and competitive intelligence studies on home remodeling and decorating trends.
  • Focus groups for consumers on their attitudes to a new generation of blenders in the UK, France, and Germany.
  • Conducted mail intercepts for an air conditioner and dehumidifier study in the US.
  • Conducted study to gain insight from high-end consumers about the appearance and design of various home electronics.
  • Interviewed barbers and African American men who shave their heads and/or faces with razors in order to analyze a variety of facial care and shaving products.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews of skin care product users (women and men) who were interested in organic products, luxury beauty products, a sustainable lifestyle, and who were environmentally conscious
  • Conducted focus groups in the US with hairdressers to determine their attitudes toward a new bleaching product.
  • Conducted focus groups for consumers in Europe for hard and soft contact lens.
  • Study of the market potential for placemats and novelty household items in the US.
  • Conducted a quantitative [focus groups] study for the buying habits of consumers for retail drug stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and throughout the Pacific Rim.
  • Conducted home visits to gain insight in the beer drinking habits, attitudes towards home beer drinking and draft beer.
  • Conducted a nationwide (USA) qualitative and quantitative study to determine the views and opinions of the US consumer on a new partnership and its impact on the consumer’s choice for purchasing high premium grade fuel.
  • Developed and executed a research design including focus groups in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas that focused on consumer lifestyles (attitudes towards work, leisure time, exercise, and health), consumer attitudes toward the new product concept, use of the product in health clubs and exercising, and the development of an advertising concept for the new product concept.
  • Developed and executed a research design using in-depth interviews with consumers to determine their attitude toward their hearing problem, their lifestyles and impact of their lifestyles on their hearing problem, their resistance to go see a doctor regarding their hearing problem, and their resistance to buying a hearing aid.
  • Conducted focus group study of headphones and headsets users in New York.
  • Conducted a mobile lifestyle usage survey to understand the trend of consumer’s mobile lifestyle.
  • Conducted and recruited a bible study
  • Conducted a color study regarding habits and decision making
  • Conducted a in-depth interview study regarding white-collar workers and their work-life balance
  • Conducted a research study regarding Canadian validity
  • Conducted a Decision Maker Research study
  • Conducted a jury duty research
  • Conducted a research study regarding shadowing women for their daily life
  • Conducted a research study regarding the life style of Mexicans living in the United States
  • Conducted focus group examining carbonated soft drink preferences or recent Egyptian immigrants in the US
  • Conducted a research study regarding entertainment in New York City
  • Conducted a price sensitivity study regarding lifestyles of people
  • Conducted quantitative study regarding consumers feelings towards contact lenses
  • Conducted ethnographies and bulletin board in India, China and Brazil regarding Diapers.

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