Aerospace & Defense

  • Customer satisfaction study on aircraft reconditioning and maintenance.


  • Plumber merchant satisfaction study in the UK.
  • Awareness and customer satisfaction study for a UK engineering consultancy firm.

Consumer Electronics

  • Conducted study to understand market response to existing Blu ray player and to examine consumer needs and attitude towards the player.

Employee Satisfaction

  • Conducted a major employee satisfaction study via in-depth interviews with C-level technical persons to gauge their opinions on the merger for an IT undergoing a merger.  Part of the due diligence of the merger, this satisfaction study analyzed how management at the top would react to certain changes.  The study required a significant amount of technical knowledge of the firm’s processes and jargon to be able to communicate and probe the respondents.
  • Conducted a multi-country employee satisfaction study for a global IT firm.


  • Conducted intercepts of consumers at a major fast food restaurant at specific locations in Indiana to determine their level of satisfaction with the service.
  • Conducted CATI interviews with ordinary consumers who have shopped at a combination of different supermarkets in the greater London area to evaluate their shopping experience and needs.

Financial Services

  • Quantitative Insurance satisfaction study in the US.


  • Customer satisfaction survey of users of surveillance equipment in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Information Technology

  • Conducted a global customer service satisfaction study for a multinational cable company.
  • Customer satisfaction study for a global telecommunications company in the UK and Australia.
  • Conducted a customer satisfaction study to determine competitive price, service, and quality levels.
  • Conducted a customer satisfaction and buying process study for a technology company

Non Profit

  • Conducted several customer satisfaction studies online, by focus groups and by telephone for several major US non-profits.
  • Conducted qualitative research study by focus groups on a membership satisfaction in a non profit organization.


  • Conducted global employee satisfaction study for a multinational healthcare company.
  • Recruited and interviewed different patient segments to elicit opinions as to the usability/viability of different insulin delivery devices


  • Customer satisfaction study in the color inkjet market for a major global manufacturer of printers.


  • Conducted a customer satisfaction study in Europe for users of a directory and CD-ROM product.

Travel & Tourism

  • Year-round study to develop a profile of visitors to a western US state, taking into account seasonal and regional variations.  Some of the information gathered included: demographics, travel characteristics (e.g. length of stay, travel party size, mode of transportation, accommodations used, regions of the state visited, activities engaged in during the trip, sources of information used to plan the trip, etc.), satisfaction with the visit, intent to return, and the total expenditures during the visit.

Sampling of our past and current clients

  • French American Chamber of Commerce
  • Human Resources Certification Institute
  • Norgren
  • Project Management Institute
  • Samsung
  • Tesco
  • Unomedical A/S