• Conducted Focus groups in the US for men and women regarding their attitudes for “wellness” in New York, Chicago , Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • Conducted In–depth interviews with women and men regarding their lifestyles, health care needs, insurance programs and their unmet needs for wellness in North American and in Europe
  • Conducted an online survey for US women and men on their attitudes towards wellness and the  effectiveness of the US healthcare system and recommendations for better care
  • Conducted focus groups to evaluate a new product concept for women’s and men’s wellness programs and the products and services that will be required to meet the needs of the North American baby boomers
  • Conducted focus groups for wellness programs for men and women above the age of 65 in North America and in Europe
  • Conducted in-depth interviews for younger 21 – 30, middle age 31 – 45 and older women 46 – 65+ on wellness issues facing women in the US – during the current recession
  • Conducted a qualitative research project regarding a wellness study in Berlin, Paris, Sao Paolo and Shanghai
  • Conducted focus groups of Neurobion users in Asia
  • Conduced a research study in digital content concept testing

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